Hi Everyone

Welcome to Home Travel Guide.

Here you will find out a little about us and what drives us to create our travel world. We started out as two very passionate travellers whose love for seeking the outdoors, adventures, culture integration, amazing experiences and new discoveries brought us together as a couple. Years later our couple became a family of 4. And so long as we remember we have always strived to organise our own itineraries, and now we are also sharing them here.

We have lived in over 8 countries between us including the UK, US, India, Sweden, France, Germany, Indonesia and Spain and travelled to over 40 countries. In 2019 we decided to leave France and set out on a very spontaneous World Adventure with our little kids to cover Australia, Bali, Singapore, Fiji and a solo trip for me to India. For us, this experience holds so much importance to how we want our lives to be shaped. It was not all plain sailing but the memories we shared as a family will forever be engraved on us.

We totally understand that not all of us can leave our jobs and set up online businesses for flexibility and that not all of us have a nomadic lifestyle. Also, the majority of us are tied down by school term dates or work holidays and that is why it is even more important to create those epic family adventures. We want to show you that you don’t need to just book an all-inclusive holiday and sit on the beach (although that can be a great option too) but you can build a holiday full of adventure and surprises. From amazing road trips to exploring your own adventure itineraries your way.

Our travel itineraries make it easier for you to organise your trip by giving you detailed information and top tips and taking the hassle out of organising yourself.

We are also experienced slow travellers so for those who are digital nomads and work whilst wanting to travel with their family., we will show you the best ways to integrate yourselves to experience more of the local culture and food.

We love to travel with our family, the cultural exchange, the adventure, the laughter and above all the unique experiences that we can speak to each other about in the years to come.