We are the travelingbambinos 🙂 We are a multi-cultural family of 4 who is currently based in the UK. Travel for us is not only an adventure but a way to interact and experience local life, culture, unique experiences and food. We are passionate about travel and exploring as a family. Our aim is to share all our knowledge and experience through our social media platforms and help people to create their perfect trip. You can work with us by filling in the form below or contacting us on [email protected].

We are experienced travel writers and media content creators and have worked with a variety of product brands, tourist boards, hotels and travel companies. We want to show families how to organise trips and inspire families to travel through our detailed and practical travel blog articles, professional photography and drone videography.

What our readers are interested in

  • International and Domestic travel
  • Family travel
  • Travel planning and detailed itineraries
  • Adventure and activities
  • Sustainable travel products
  • Food and Culture

How we can work together to help your business?

Through our worldwide readership and experience, we like to help and promote brands and destinations that appeal to us and our audience. Here are some of the ways in which we can work together and provide a professional service:

Press Trips

We have worked in partnership with Tourist Boards to promote their destinations through our detailed travel itineraries. Our 7-day itinerary for Provence for example was written in collaboration with local Tourist Boards in Provence (France).

Our focus is family travel adventure but also luxury trips to unwind. We always aim to deliver high quality and offer a unique perspective to make travel easier to organise and accessible to everyone.

Hotel Collaborations

We have a large and international readership, so collaborating with us is a good way to gain exposure to your hotel.

Our audience trusts our opinion as we provide honest and useful information. We also provide a professional service through our article review, photography and drone videography. Our aim is to show your hotel in a natural and beautiful setting.

Product & Service Review

If you have a product or brand that you would like us to try and that fits well with our audience we would be happy to discuss different options; you can contact us at [email protected].

Sponsored Social Media

As content media creators we are happy to collaborate and promote brands, products and services that fit our market through our Travel Blog or Instagram. Our articles are all written to optimise SEO and shared across our social media platforms. We can also write orginal and unique articles for your blog.

Photography & Videography

NorthAmerica, plains of Nevada

We provide professional and authentic photography and drone videography that tells a story. Rates are dependent on the usage and rights of the photos.

Brand Ambassador

We love to create long term relationships with brands that reflect our values and passion for travel. Get in touch with us if you feel we would be the right fit.

We are here to help; let us know your needs and we can work together to provide you with the perfect solution and package.

Here are some of the companies and brands we have worked with and what they say about us

Our Work Collaborations


Asha and her family were a pleasure to meet and work with. We had a great communication with them and they carried out all the collaborative work in a professional and timely manner. 
Asha wrote a great and very informative article detailing their whole journey and process regarding the Covid-19 testing. She covered all the questions that anyone could have when travelling abroad. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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