Seat to sleep, a superbly practical and comfortable Inflatable Travel cushion to improve kids comfort during travels.

When you travel

As frequent travellers, we are always on the lookout for an innovative product that is going to make our travel easier and more comfortable. We travel mostly with our two young children so making sure they have a comfortable and relaxed journey also eases the stress of getting from one place to another.

The worst travel journeys are often the long haul flights where the kids have not been able to get enough rest; we all know how that can turn out 🙂 But there is a solution that could help and get you ready for your next travel adventure with the kids. Check out our review for the Seat to Sleep Inflatable Travel Cushion for kids.

A great solution to improve kids comfort

When Jessica from ‘Seat to Sleep’ Travel Nest contacted us to try out their multi-award winning lightweight, inflatable travel seat cushion; which they recently launched in July 2019, we were quite excited to try it out. Jessica herself is an avid adventure traveller who has travelled widely with her child so we were confident that she would have a useful product for us. The concept of ‘Seat to Sleep‘ cushions arose from experiencing uncomfortable long haul plane and transport journey’s with their little one. We have definitely had those experiences with our own little ones where the adult seats are often not very accommodating for children and you usually stuff them with blankets or pillows to make them more comfortable for your little ones to rest in.

Seat to sleep, kids love it even at home

The seat to sleep is an inflatable travel cushion that aids in making adult transport seats more comfortable for children. The padding system helps to support the head, neck and arms of the children whilst they find a cosy position to rest in, essentially it acts like an airplane bed for kids. This travel pillow for kids is perfect for children between 3 and 10 years old. They are made to fit all waist seat belts and can be used not only on airplane seats but all modes of transport for children’s travel.

What we especially like about this product

Very practical inflatable seat

When we travel we need something which is lightweight and is not going to take up too much space, this product fits into that category. It also comes in a little pouch with a clip that can be easily attached to your backpacks

We also look for a product that is practical and easy to use; we found that we could inflate the seat to sleep with a few breaths and there is a button to deflate the product quickly. Once the product is fully deflated it fits easily into the pouch. A tip is to make sure you see the folds of the product when you take them out.

Comfortable and eco-friendly

We love eco-friendly products and this cushion is PVC free and made from biodegradable material. We also like the soft feel of the fabric and design.

PRODUCT TIP – For more comfort inflate to around 70% of its capacity; which makes it more comfortable otherwise it may feel a bit stiff.

So far our kids have loved using the Seat to Sleep inflatable cushion, they even use it for leisurely reading around the house and I often find them cosily falling asleep in their little cacoon. We will update our review when we take it on the plane in December and let you know how we get along.

Where can you buy the Seat to Sleep, Kids travel cushion?

Seat to sleep

You can purchase the Seat to Sleep Travel Nest for £35 here. Uk delivery is £3.99 and Worldwide delivery is £9.99;

Let us know how you get on with your product.

PS: This product was sent to us to review, all opinions are our own. We will not receive any commission or payment if you purchase this product.

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